How To Make Viral Historical Videos Using AI | Shorts & Reels

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Here is the summary and related questions:

This video guides creating viral historical videos using AI tools for script, voiceover, visuals, and video editing, showcasing Alexander the Great's life and achievements.

Key moments:
00:00 Creating engaging historical videos for social media platforms is a trending strategy that can rapidly grow your channel's subscribers. This video provides a step-by-step guide on selecting historical facts, generating scripts, voice-overs, and visuals for such videos.
          -Selecting historical facts and using AI tools to uncover hidden facts is crucial for creating engaging content. This step ensures a solid foundation for your historical video. 
          -Generating scripts tailored to your chosen topic using AI tools like Gravity Red streamlines the content creation process. Having a well-crafted script is essential for a compelling historical video. 
          -Utilizing AI tools like Eleven Laps for voice-over creation and platforms like Mid Journey for visuals enhances the production quality of your historical videos. These tools simplify the creation process and elevate the overall viewer experience. 
03:51 The video demonstrates how to use AI tools to generate images, convert them into animations, and combine them into a complete video with captions and transitions.
          -Using AI tools to generate images and animations for video creation.
          -Combining video clips with audio, adding captions, and customizing transitions for a polished final video.
08:41 Alexander the Great, a great tactician, overcame dyslexia and conquered the world, leaving a legacy of cities named after him and a famous horse. He inspires overcoming challenges and creating viral historical videos using AI.
          -Alexander the Great's strategic brilliance and legacy of naming cities after himself and his famous horse. 
          -Alexander the Great's resilience in overcoming dyslexia to achieve world conquest, serving as an inspiration to face challenges head-on. 
          -Creating viral historical videos using AI inspired by Alexander the Great's legacy, encouraging viewers to embrace challenges and pursue their goals. 

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